One Planet Ops believes strongly in the power of service done outside of the office, and the positive impact of volunteer work done within the community. However, we know our lives can so easily get busy with our own life responsibilities outside of work that it can be difficult to find time to give back.

So, this year we've set aside 5 'Service Days' during the calendar year in which our employees in North America and the Philippines receive paid days to go out and enrich their community with volunteer work. 

Yun Teng, Shruti Shah, Pooja Sumanam, Sunny Chang (L to R) volunteered in Fremont at a food bank separating potatoes

Our company name "One Planet" defines our belief about the world in that we are all equal citizens of the same planet, and we exist to lift each other. We believe when we give with no expectations and individually plant the seeds of compassion and empathy within our communities, we not only help to create a better environment, but we create a better version of ourselves having expanded our perspectives past our own experiences. 

Chelsea Pratte preparing food in the Contra Costa Food Bank which she packaged food that were sent to church's to distribute to people

Employees are given the choice of which act of service, or which cause they choose to support during their day outside of the office, as long as the project serves to humbly bring the human race together as one. Employees are discouraged to use their service day to support or serve any cause that creates divisiveness rather unity. As an example on our service days we are discouraged to serve any political party given that partisan politics by nature is not designed to create unity.

Jennifer Brockhaus and her son donating clothes to a women & children's shelter

These dedicated service days were inspired by the Baha’i Faith and its unifying and world embracing message. As a result these days are observed on the Baha’i Holy days that happen to fall on weekdays.

 Hieu Vu & Henry Lin volunteered at the San Jose food bank

The first official "Service Day" of the year was on March 20th and brought a lot of support for our local communities at our headquarters in the Bay Area as well as across the world in the Philippines.

We are overwhelmed by the pictures and experiences shared by the team at One Planet and we are thrilled to see what our next "Service Day" brings about. 

Michael Villanueva volunteered at an elderly home

Payam donating blood at the Red Cross in Pleasant Hill

Before & After of a donation center for Shelter Inc. that Tom Kelley & Rudd Lippincott organized

Grace Adams (L) volunteering at an outreach program inside a local church

Maya Richard & her daughter (pictured) handing out sandwiches and leaving quarters as a random act of kindness

Seaon Shin & Saman Farid (pictured right) paid a visit to the Baha'i community for the elderly and homeless, bringing flowers, food and singing songs

Kelsey Meritt and the team decided to share "Pan de Manila" products to less fortunate street dwellers along Makati Avenue

Vinay Vadgama donated blood at the Roseville BloodSource

Thank you all for those who took time to bring smiles to your local communities!