SAN RAMON - One Planet Ops Inc announces an investment in Butterfleye Inc, a data company that has developed an AI-powered, cloud-connected security camera for small businesses.

One Planet Ops adds Butterfleye Inc to a diverse investment portfolio including promising companies in the autonomous driving, media, and automation industries.

“Butterfleye offers a unique and highly needed smart solution in the video security space,” said CEO of One Planet Ops, Payam Zamani. “One Planet Ops is proud to be investing in a such a strong team making a significant impact on a fast growing industry.”

The camera invented by Butterfleye uses on-camera computer vision and a patented Activity Based Recording solution to record when different activity is taking place within the home or office space. The activity can include movement or sound. With real time notifications, the device allows the user to keep an eye on his or her property while away, and be able to sort through the recordings in a smart and efficient manner not offered by competitors.

“Unlike other security cameras which stream video 24/7 to cloud, Butterfleye uses on-camera computer vision and sensors to recognize and only upload the important events and save you time, money, and bandwidth” said CEO of Butterfleye, Ben Nader.  “There are no false alarms with Butterfleye as well as integrated battery and memory are key differentiating factors our customers buy Butterfleye for.”

Since its beginnings Butterfleye Inc has surpassed all of its funding goals, and continues to rise giving exceptional promise of becoming a significant part of the Internet of Things industry. The fast growing industry is currently valued at $53 billion and expected to nearly quadruple by 2021.

How exactly does Butterfleye work? Watch below:

About One Planet Ops Inc.

A hybrid tech firm, One Planet Ops Inc consists of several successful operating technology companies, an angel fund, and a startup incubator. Its largest brands operate in the automotive, real estate and home improvement industries. Founded by tech entrepreneur and angel investor Payam Zamani, the firm prides itself on building successful, revolutionary technology enterprises with a built-in ethos of affecting positive social change. This ensures that the company’s financial successes, will also contribute to the betterment of the world. The motto at One Planet Ops Inc, is “Innovation + Intention”.

About Butterfleye

Butterfleye was founded in 2013 with a simple goal - to make monitoring better. Butterfleye's first product, their eponymous smart monitoring camera, fulfills this goal by being the only camera that wirelessly streams and records who, what, and when you want it to. Through simplicity and human centered design, the device intelligently captures your memories and brings them to your fingertips so you can keep and share them with loved ones.


Catrina Linhard

One Planet Ops Inc.