If you haven't heard the news already, One Planet Ops is leaving its long time home in San Ramon to start anew in Walnut Creek! Demolishing has accelerated which means we will be adjusting to our new work space sooner than expected. 

The new office will have a new and fresh layout that will create a more open feel than the standard cubicles and offices. We are revamping the color scheme and striving for a more productive yet enjoyable enviroment to cater to everyone. 

Here are some photos to show you the progess so far since we last updated you. It may be difficult to picture the office coming together in this stage, but as you see the progess the personality of the office will shine through soon!

Entrance to the new office

Front Entrance & Lobby

Beginning of Office

Reception area

Kitchen & Conference Area

Kitchen & Conference Area

Workspace with lots of windows and sunshine!

Work lounges with a balcony that wraps around the office.