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Accelerating businesses with the purposeful intent of sustainable service to humanity.



We are creative and technology pioneers who develop, operate, and invest in people, concepts and products. Our operating businesses date back to as early as 2001 and span a variety of industries including Ad Tech, Publishing, Automotive, Real Estate, and Marketing.



We fund seed and early-stage startups that cover a broad spectrum across the tech world and beyond. We have no external investors and thus, the freedom to follow only the best entrepreneurs.



We develop and turn internal ideas into new and thriving business opportunities. In 2019, we are launching two new companies that have emerged from this program — and

our philosophy

One Planet Ops is infused with core foundational values which promote diversity and inclusion, unity, service to humanity, and excellence in all things—to which the entire management team is committed. This makes One Planet Ops a company that not only strives to implement best business practices but also seeks to foster an environment that promotes equality, love and empowerment. Our tagline, innovation x intention, encapsulates these core values and is at the epicenter of everything we do.

Profit without loss


One Planet bases its founding philosophy on the spiritual teachings of the Bahá’í Faith. As our name suggests, we care deeply about other humans and the planet we all inhabit. We make the best effort to employ this philosophy while attempting to build successful and sustainable businesses. We’re not ashamed to make a profit - we just believe that winning at any cost is a selfish and archaic way to do it. We’re not out to crush the opposition; rather, we try to show the world a better and more compassionate way to do business.

Work performed in the spirit of service creates the highest and best expression of our professional and personal lives. Intention isn’t meaning well, it’s doing well. We believe companies have a responsibility to act, not make token gestures. We set a humble yet robust example of pairing good business with good intentions. We need to measure success also by how we spend our resources helping and serving others; by how many lives we touch in a positive way; and by how we better our communities and the world around us.

To bolster this culture of service, One Planet offers as many as nine paid service days to its staff globally. During these days, our employees’ sole aim is to aid and support the wider community through service and volunteerism.

In addition, One Planet’s commitment to universal philanthropy has forged a long-term relationship with the Tahirih Justice Center, the Washington D.C.- based non-profit organization that protects courageous immigrant women and girls who refuse to be victims of violence. By elevating their voices in communities, courts, and Congress, the Tahirih Justice Center helps create a world where all women and girls enjoy equality, live in safety and with dignity - find out more at

The betterment of the world can be accomplished through pure and goodly deeds and through commendable and seemly conduct. ― Baha'u'llah

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payam zamani

Founder, Chairman & CEO

I’ve spent the last few years reflecting on the lessons of my entrepreneurial journey to build a different kind of company – one where the workplace culture, the relationships it engenders, and the products and services it delivers all combine to form a collective contribution to the common good. This is One Planet.

Beyond trying to implement best business practices, we try to cultivate an environment that consciously thinks about how “innovation x intention” authentically translates to every aspect of our company, from our culture, policies and governing values to our impact on the surrounding community and humanity as a whole.

My fundamental belief is that a company can generate healthy profit margins while maintaining an ongoing sense of mission, meaning and individual fulfillment for all employees through a focus on the betterment of humanity.

- Payam Zamani

Operating Services

We are creative and technology pioneers who develop products that help reinvent consumer engagement and interaction on a global scale. Our operating businesses date back to as early as 2001 and span a variety of industries, including Advertising Technology, Publishing, Automotive, Real Estate, and Marketing. Our portfolio of operating companies includes Merchant Circle, iMotors,, our digital creative agency Quite Remarkable, and

Angel Fund

Our investment portfolio represents a diverse group of innovative tech products and solutions, all with the goal of creating that powerful combination of business success and social good - Innovation x Intention.

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(Sold to Participant Media, Fall 2017)
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(Sold to Participant Media, Fall 2017)
(Sold to Ooma, Winter 2017)
(Sold fall 2018)