SAN RAMON – One Planet Ops. Inc. announces an investment in Wayfarer - a production company focused on inspiring and elevating the human experience through digital media content.

Wayfarer is dedicated to producing content that targets a deeper level of the spirit than typical mainstream media. In their own words:

“Our work is our service. While we know art won't necessarily change the world, we absolutely believe that with the right intention it can inspire our audience to get up and change the world around them.”


(Left) Justin Baldoni, Co-founder and CEO of Wayfarer. (Right) Payam Zamani, Founder and CEO of One Planet Ops

Wayfarer is best known for producing the popular series “My Last Days”, representing some of the most successful and most viewed long form films on YouTube. The latest season aired on CW during a three-night special hosted by the Wayfarer founder and CEO, Justin Baldoni. It follows the lives of incredible people who are facing one of life’s greatest challenges – a terminal illness. The show focuses not on death, but on the unique lives of these individuals who choose happiness despite their circumstances. Among long-form documentaries, Wayfarer also produces commercials and music videos for a variety of clients, digital web content, and content for television. In each of their productions, Wayfarer finds a way to envelop the celebration of life and inspire its audience to live to their fullest.

“Wayfarer is a production company with a soul. The type of high-quality and soulful content that Wayfarer produces is what I wish we could see more of in the world,” said founder and CEO of One Planet Ops, Payam Zamani. “Wayfarer is a great company that is making the world a better place.”

Zamani is an entrepreneur and investor seeking promising business ventures that are designed to concurrently have positive social impact. He, along with Baldoni believe that businesses should operate with the intention to improve the world around them.

“Wayfarer’s mission is to create meaningful content that helps us remember how important, fun, and beautiful life can be,” Baldoni says. “What’s incredible is that in 2016 that can look like pretty much anything. The world is saturated with content that makes us feel better about being worse, but we are interested in the stuff that makes us want to be better.”

About One Planet Ops Inc.

A hybrid tech firm, One Planet Ops Inc. (OPO) consists of several successful operating technology companies, an angel fund and a startup incubator. Its largest brands operate in the automotive, real estate and home improvement industries. Founded by tech entrepreneur and angel investor Payam Zamani, the firm prides itself on building successful, revolutionary technology enterprises with a built-in ethos of affecting positive social change. This ensures that the company’s financial successes, will also contribute to the betterment of the world. The motto at One Plane Ops Inc., is “Innovation + Intention”.


Catrina Linhard

One Planet Ops Inc.