Every year One Planet Ops holds an annual Award Ceremony to recognize employees who contribute exceptional value to the company's mission. This year, the company gathered together for an afternoon at SPiN, San Francisco for lunch, awards, cash prizes and a competitive Ping Pong tournament!

2016 was a great year and One Planet Ops took this event to reflect on the past year as well as all it's achievements. Our categories for this year:

Person of the Year:

The "Person of the Year" award is given to an employee who has consistently added exceptional value to the overall success of the company throughout the entire year.

David Ramirez, Hyxue Ton, Sami Ebadi, Payam Zamani (L to R)


Hyxue Ton - Accounting, San Ramon Office

Sami Ebadi - Engineer, San Ramon Office

Presenters: David Ramirez (L), Payam Zamani (R)


Ashley Thomas - Marketing - Oregon, U.S.

Rising Star

Our rising star award goes to an employee who has been in the company for under a year and has shown strong potential for nothing short of an incredibly successful career ahead.

(L), Chelsea Pratte. (M), Rudd Lippincott. (R) Giblert Manorek.


Farah Jane Recluta – Sales, Manila Office

 Chelsea Pratte – Marketing, San Ramon Office

Presenters: Rudd Lippincott (M) Gilbert Manorek (R)


Yaroslav Illchenko –Engineer, Ukraine Office

One Planet Values:

The One Planet "Values Award" goes to an employee who brings a level of culture within the company that keeps the entire staff held to a higher merit.

Tom Kelly, Hieu Vu, Mojda Nawabi, Yun Teng, Nichan Najjarian, Sunny Chang (L to R)


Hieu Vu - Accounting, San Ramon Office

Mojda Nawabi - Executive Assistant/Communications, San Ramon Office

Yun Teng - Marketing, San Ramon Office

Presenters: Tom Kelley (L), Sunny Chang (R)


Nichan Najjarian - Marketing, San Ramon Office

Moment of Truth:

The "Moment of Truth" award is to recognize individuals within the company who go the extra mile and always stretch beyond their duties to get the job done.

David Ramirez, Seaon Shin, Varun Grandhi, Jennifer Brockhaus (L to R)


Pavlo Rodin - Engineer, Ukraine Office

Jennifer Brockhaus, San Ramon Office

Varun Grandhi - Engineer, Canada Office

Presenter: David Ramirez (L)


Michael Patterson - Engineer, San Ramon Office

Check out more photos of the company event here:

OH! We can't forget the competitive round of ping pong tournament we held, which ended with our finalists David Ramirez (R) & Sahab Mahboubi (L):

......... and the winner was!?