This past Saturday, January 28, the & teams - a division of One Planet Ops, had the chance to be apart of the 3rd annual Skid Row Carnival of Love – a heartwarming event in Los Angeles organized by Wayfarer.  Founder of Wayfarer, Justin Baldoni, wanted to create an annual event for the homeless on Skid Row, an area of LA known as “tent city” for its overwhelming homeless population. The events purpose is to create a day for those living in Skid Row to feel love, happiness, and recharge their batteries to continue a fight out of a cycle that so easily keeps people trapped. 

“Our goal, our dream, that this Carnival of Love can go to New York, can go to San Francisco, can go to Colorado, can go to Texas and go to all these places, because everywhere love can exist, this can exist.” – Justin Baldoni.

Throughout the carnival, there were booths that offered hot showers, foot washes, DMV services and medical help. In the weeks leading up to the event, enormous amounts of clothes and toiletries were donated so that carnival goers could take anything they might be in need of. Warm lunches were also handed out all day.

The carnival also had a gaming area for families,  which is where the team was located. Along with meeting and interacting with so many amazing people, we set up some giant Jenga blocks and gave out T shirts as prizes for all those who played.

We were lucky enough to embark on this amazing experience and be apart of sponsoring the Carnival of Love. Check out some pictures and videos of how played a small part in a big event for the homeless…

Skid Row Carnival of Love 2017 from Wayfarer Entertainment on Vimeo.

Watch ABC's coverage of the 2017 event here.